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Discover Lesvos Rentals with LesvosBNB – Uncover Family-Friendly Apartments, Cozy Studios, and Ideal Accommodations in Molyvos, Skala Eressos, Plomari, Mytilene, and More. Tailored for Every Preference, LesvosBNB Offers Unique Charm. From the medieval allure of Molyvos to the laid-back beaches of Skala Eressos, the ouzo-rich landscapes of Plomari, and the vibrant city life in Mytilene, find your perfect getaway and create lasting memories.

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Mytilene Magic: Unwind in Unforgettable Accommodations on Lesvos, Greece

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Explore the heart of Lesvos in Mytilene! Immerse yourself in a captivating blend of history and modern allure. Wander through the charming old town, indulge in local cuisine – from fresh fish at seaside taverns to the authentic flavors of ouzo, sardines, feta, mousaka, and more. Feel the vibrant harbor atmosphere. Book your stay now for an unforgettable experience

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Explore Skala Eressos: A Coastal Gem with Crystal-Clean Waters, Birthplace of Sappho. Famous for its Beautiful Beach, Relaxed Ambiance, and LGBTQ+ Friendly Environment. Embrace Sun-Soaked Days, Seaside Cafés, and the Perfect Escape for Beach Enthusiasts.

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Stunning beaches

Lesvos, a Greek island of unparalleled beauty, boasts five exquisite beaches that capture the essence of the island’s coastal allure. Eftalou’s hot springs and pebbly shores offer a unique retreat, while Petra’s sandy expanse is framed by an iconic rock. Vatera’s lengthy shoreline is perfect for families, Tarti provides a tranquil escape, and Skala Kallonis, near the Kallonis Wetlands, offers both a sandy haven and a birdwatcher’s paradise. With each beach, Lesvos presents a different facet of its coastal charm, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts.


Lesvos, Greece, is renowned for its captivating landscapes and culinary delights. To savor the best of the island’s cuisine, visit these top five restaurants. To Kyma in Molyvos boasts breathtaking sea views and fresh seafood. Ouzeri O Pappous in Petra offers authentic Greek mezes and grilled meats. Eftalou Taverna near Eftalou serves succulent seafood, including famous Lesvos sardines. Platanos Taverna in Plomari invites you to relish ouzo and a wide range of Greek dishes. Meanwhile, Captain’s Table in Agiassos delivers a delightful mix of Greek and international cuisine in a charming setting.

Incredible places

Lesvos Island in Greece offers a rich blend of natural wonders and historical treasures. Explore the UNESCO-listed Petrified Forest, where ancient trees turned to stone tell a geological story. Discover the charming capital, Mytilene, and its historic Castle. The medieval town of Molivos captivates with its cobblestone streets and seaside beauty. The Monastery of Limonos is a cultural gem, and the serene village of Agiasos enchants visitors. Enjoy Lesvos’ beautiful beaches and savor local cuisine for a truly memorable Greek island experience.

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